2 Step Instant and Long Term Website Traffic Solution

by Blog Website for Sale on July 1, 2010

You have finally created your website. You have your products and services displayed on your website for sale.

You are finally waiting for people to jump over your website and purchase your goodies like crazy.

Here’s the secret that many internet marketers will not tell you. Creating a product and designing a killer website is an easy game.

But attracting tons of website traffic is a bit tricky part specially for newbies.

You have 2 options at your disposal to market your website and start seeing some sales this week.

1. Either pay huge money to get traffic.

2. If you are in low budget get some traffic to your site for free by investing your time.

It completely depends upon you.

Here are your options…

1. Pay Per Click Search Engines – Advertising your site on ppc engines is one of the best ways to attract tons of targeted traffic to your website.

Yes, the traffic that you will attract to your site will be extremely targeted. But the down part is that there is a learning curve to get started using ppc.

You will have to test your site rigorously to see some decent profits from ppc. If you start pouring off your money and donot test your website, get yourself used to seeing huge credit card bills at your doorsteps.

There have been people who have made fortunes using pay per click search engines and there have also been people who have wasted huge sums of money using this tactic as it requires money to test and get traffic.

Your website has to convert exceptionally well to see results. Get prepared for that and only use it if you have some money to spend and test.

This is how you can get instant website traffic and visitors almost instantly.

2. Article Marketing – This is a long term website promotion tactic that is free. You can write quality articles in your niche and distribute them to article directories.

Your articles will contain your resource box that will contain a link to your website. This is where you get paid for supplying quality content to the directories and other website owners.

Once your articles spread on hundreds of websites you can expect to see free traffic pouring into your website on a long term basis.

This tactic will also help you to get instant website traffic if your article gets published in ezines by ezine publishers with list of thousands of subscribers.

In this article I have shown you 2 killer ways you can get started with your promotion campaign and see your website traffic explode.

Now you have to decide whether you want to pour in a little money to test the waters or just get started with the free advertising solution. Whatever you do I would insist you to get started today and then move on step by step.

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