4 Quick, Free Traffic Generation Tips for Your Website

by Blog Website for Sale on July 18, 2010

1. Your e-mail signature – Most, if not all of today’s email programs will let you add a “signature”, that is, a few lines that get attached to each of your outgoing messages. Don’t just settle for the standard signature lines with your name and phone number – turn it into an offer your recipient would be interested in!

For example, instead of having your e-mail signature read:

John Doe

Real Estate Agent

Doe Agency Real Estate


Create a more intriguing, interesting signature with that same information – such as:

John Doe – The Real Estate Pro

Home prices are on the rise! Do you know what your home is worth? Find out free at www.doeagencyrealestate.com or call us at 555-1212!

When you present an offer in your e-mail signature, your reader will likely click on it – even out of curiosity, to see what you have to say. This is a great (and free) way to get people to your website.


2. Spread the word in forums – Like e-mail, most forums and message boards allow you to have a signature line at the bottom of each post. Many people use these to post cute sayings, quotes and other tidbits – but here again, you can post a creative offer, discount for forum readers or give away a freebie through your signature.

Depending on the rules of the message board(s) you participate on, you may only have a few lines to make your offer clear. Use this to your advantage even in a small space by writing something that will pique your reader’s curiosity, like:

Are you sitting on a fortune without even realizing it? Find out more at www.doeagencyrealestate.com

With just two simple lines, you’ll be able to garner interest and clicks to your website with every forum post you make.

3. Writing reviews – This tactic is also free, and works best for companies selling a tangible product, or a service company that works with these products (such as a web design agency using different software products). There are plenty of “review sites” out there that welcome user opinions of different products ranging from clothes to electronics to food. Register at places like Amazon and Epinions to make your opinion count while getting some valuable traffic to your own site.

Obviously, you shouldn’t try to sell your product or service in the review itself, but you can let people know what you do without a sales pitch. For example:

I show the XQ800 Fusion Power Generator to customers at my electronics store all the time. They love the fact that it needs no recharging, doesn’t skyrocket the electric bill and is virtually maintenance-free. I sell them on my website at 20% less than retail stores – so they’re always flying off the shelves.

That will get people interested in your site, and if you can include it in a profile that they can view – or even in your username itself – so much the better.


4. Writing articles – just like this one! It’s free, takes little time (especially once you’ve been writing for awhile), and just like with e-mails and forum posts, you get a resource box at the bottom that you can link to your website with.

Articles should generally be around 400 words (about a page and a half in Microsoft Word) to be accepted by the majority of article directories. Above all, make sure you have something interesting, unique or helpful to share — no one wants to waste time reading a sales pitch or some vague tips that don’t have examples to share.

Plus, with article writing – not only does it get easier the more you do it, but your articles are also picked up by other sites that syndicate them across the web, meaning greater (free) exposure for you!


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