5 Steps For Profiting From Your First “Flip Website”

by Blog Website for Sale on July 4, 2010

Step 2 – Setup WordPress & Design

WordPress blogs tend to sell for more because they’re easy to edit. The end buyer doesn’t need to know HTML or have a website editing program to edit the website. Find a good WordPress theme and make sure the design looks great.

Step 3 – 20 Original articles

The next step is to write 20 original articles and put them on your website. The articles don’t have to be long – Just 300 to 500 words. Don’t take too much time writing these articles. You should be able to write 3-5 articles in an hour. Do your research on your topic and spend a dedicated period of time just writing.

Step 4 – Get Listed in Google

This step can be a little tricky. Websites that are listed in Google tend to sell for a lot more money. One great way to make sure you get listed is to just post a link to your site on several frequently crawled sites. Technorati and Craigslist are two such sites. If you tag & ping Technorati and make a post in the Services section of Craigslist back to your site, you’re nearly guaranteed to get listed in a few days.

Step 5 – Sell Your Site

Once you have a good domain, a great looking site, 20 original articles and your site is listed in Google, then you’re ready to sell your site. Head over to Sitepoint and list your website for sale under the “Startup Websites for Sale” section. Wham! You’ve just made $100 – $500 in just a few hours of work.

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