6 Powerful Ways to Promote your Website for Free

by Blog Website for Sale on October 12, 2010

There is a surprising response to the following free advertising tactics that could almost be relied on for all the traffic to your site. You will be amazed at the traffic response of highly qualified prospects you will receive to your site once you implement the free tactics below.

#1 Promote Your Site Through Email Signature

Many people overlook this great opportunity to promote their site. Most people have multiple email accounts. Of course one email account is devoted to the website you wish to promote, but what are the other email accounts devoted to? Is there an opportunity to promote your site to a new audience?

For example, having run a high volume eBay store with hundreds of emails per week from customers and prospects, I found this the perfect opportunity to add a brief plug for my website to my signature to help drive traffic to my site for free.

#2 Commenting On Forums

There is a grey area on what is allowed and what is not allowed on forum sites. As a rule, people do not like spammers, but if you can offer an answer to someone’s question then sign your name with your website, there is no rule against that. Just having your website on the forum makes people curious especially since you already gained credibility by answering their question.

#3 SEO Strategies

There is a whole lot more to SEO strategies than I can get into in this article, but learning about how to get your site ranked at the top of a search engine is incredibly powerful. Ranking high is free and you end up with more hits than Google Adwords! It can take some time to get your website ranked high in the search engines under keywords relating to your site so this would be a process to start now and it will pay off in a few months, it is well worth the effort though for the free advertising.

#4 Publishing Articles In Ezines

Another powerful way to drive traffic to your site is through articles that are related to your website, that are informational, and that plug your website or product. Many of these articles can be published for free if they are approved by the editors of the ezine. It is well worth putting the word out there about your site through articles.

#5 MySpace

Again, this is another one of those grey areas. You can easily be shut down off myspace if people complain that you are a spammer. What you need to do is build a list of friends and gain credibility by sending out messages that are funny or interesting. Then throw in a few promoting your site. If people start complaining, reevaluate how you are wording your messages. Another note is that people on myspace get easily annoyed by people who are posting all the time so be sure to only post a few times per month at the maximum.

#6 Opt-In Email List

This is by far the best form of free advertising out there. These people have chosen to hear from you, but you need to make sure you do not take advantage of their time. Do not email them everyday! Do not email them every week unless you are extremely interesting and not trying to sell them with every line in the message. Every other week to once a month is a good rule to follow.

Give out some good valuable information without constantly plugging your product. If people feel they are not benefiting from your emails, the will discontinue their membership or simple start deleting them without even opening the emails. If you gain credibility with your email list, then you will get to the point that when you do plug a product they will know it is worthwhile and you will see the sales pour in.

Good luck promoting your site for FREE!

Ben Stevens


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