Five Tips For Optimizing Websites For Sales

by Blog Website for Sale on May 1, 2010

Most people and businesses who build websites are in it for the money. Unfortunately, they lack the experience or expertise to optimize their site in order to maximize their conversion rates and inevitably make it into a lucrative situation. Here are five tips for optimizing a website for sales.

<b>1. Anticipate Needs</b>

Put yourself into your customers’ shoes and visualize what a good shopping experience would be like on your site. Is it user-friendly? Does it solve your problem? How many clicks does it take to get to right information? You should really consider your website’s usability before you go live.

Many companies make the mistake of over-designing their website with too much “personality” and not enough efficiency. Do you provide a FAQs page? If you have a call center or customer service representatives, consider asking them what feedback they have already received.

<b>2. Develop an Effective Call to Action</b>

If you want to convert people online, you need a strong and effective call to action. You can even provide a small incentive for people to fill out contact information, like discounts, free shipping, newsletters or sweepstakes.

Also, provide several different ways for communication to occur. Communication preferences differ from person to person, so it is recommended to provide an email address, phone number, fax machine, or even a social networking profile URL.

<b>3. Optimize Your Website using SEO</b>

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is used on websites to leverage better rankings by becoming more “search engine-friendly”. You can rank organically with certain keywords or phrases that are relevant to your business. It is also recommended to have quality content on your site. Google and other search engines are always looking to reward unique, relevant, and engaging content. You should make sure that your meta tags, title tags, H1 tags, headlines and on-page content all have keywords, with a keyword density around 3 percent.

<b>4. Crunch The Numbers</b>

There is absolutely tons of data out there that you can collect on yours and your competitions’ websites. Web analytics have become sophisticated, but at the same time more and more affordable. You won’t need to “guess” at what people think of your site, just install an analytics package and brace yourself for educated, informed decisions.

<b>5. Test Repeatedly</b>

Creating an online presence can be a learning process. Don’t be afraid to experiment and take risks. Change the design around if you need to, add or edit out content that might be working well pull people in to convert. You may be amazed to find that the little things can make a big difference. Layout, color scheme, or even a change in wording could make a huge difference in your conversion rates.

If you are starting a website in order to increase your company’s sales, use these five tips to improve your website’s usability and functionality. Little changes can go along way in turning a dull website into a highly converting sales machine.

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