How article market can help your website to sales

by Blog Website for Sale on May 10, 2010

Finding a topic to write about is essential in article marketing. For example, How to stop your cat from scratching the furniture, a topic that addresses a problem many people have and can relate to.

People searching the internet on such a topic are looking for answers; a solution to a problem. Offering an article to solve such a problem and linking to products on your easy one page website will ensure generated leads.

Finding a common problem or situation that many people can relate to and offering a solution to it is a good idea for an article topic.

Use “How To…”, “10 tips…”, “3 steps to..” or “Guide to…” are furthermore popular ways of creating article titles and appealing to the readers.

But choosing any topic or common problem is not enough. The most obvious subjects you will initially think of probably already have millions of websites addressing them.

What you need to do is find a topic that not more than 10,000 websites are talking about. You can find this out by searching for any given topic using quotation marks in Google.

The search engine will list all websites that have the topic included in their content. For example “How to stop your cat from scratching the furniture” shows only 1,145 hits thus making the topic optimal to write about.

Currently ranking #1 on the exact search is an article published in tan article directory, and in the summary of googles first place site is a link to ebooks about cat training.

So let’s break it down.

Select a topic.
Research it thru google, making sure it is not too popular.
Produce a simple one page website that sells an item to solve the problem.
Write an article and links back to your webpage.

Easier said then done, but with a little time you could have many, many profitable websites making you money from your articles.


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