How to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog/website With the Power of Directory of Ezines

by Blog Website for Sale on April 24, 2010

Driving massive traffic to a website or blog is like cashing a check over the counter in a bank when it comes to Internet Marketing. We all know the popular saying which goes thus: “TRAFFIC IS MONEY IN INTERNET MARKETING”. If you are the type that has a blog/website and has been facing the problem of getting traffic to your blog/website or you are not getting enough traffic to the site, then you need to read every word in this article.

In this article, i will be revealing to you a tested and proven way to get massive traffic to your blog/site. And you know what that means? MONEY. Because in Internet Marketing, traffic is money. I will be showing you how you can get unlimited visitors to your blog/site and make unlimited sales of whatever you are selling or promoting on you blog/website.

As it is in Internet Marketing, no one was born with the knowledge of driving traffic to a website/blog. But experience over time has taught us how to do this. What i am going to reveal to you is the power of Ezines. It is the way i and my subscribers have been driving unlimited traffic to my/our blog/website. I must confess to you that this method works like magic and beats any other traffic method on the internet. Want to doubt me? Read on….

What i am going reveal to you is the power in E-ZINES.

If you have been marketing on the internet for a while you must be familiar with Ezines but for the benefit of those who are new to internet marketing i will like to delve into the details of Ezines. Let me start by defining what Ezine is.

Ezines are like Newsletters. They are Electronic Magazines delivered to people(subscribers) who demand for them via e-mail. The E-zine idea actually evolved from the E in Electronic and the ZINE in Magazine. E-zines are always published on a variety of schedules i.e daily, weekly, monthly or when the publisher of the E-zine decides he has something to pass on to his subscribers. It could also be said to be E-mail Marketing.

E-zines are generally delivered to subscribers through e-mail, they could come in form of blogs and some appear on web pages. E-zines are a very good way of getting traffic to a website considering the amount of publicity they get from the E-zine webs.

The power a well written article about a particular product (niche) has is cannot be over-emphasised. An very good example of a very good example is ezinearticles. With Ezinearticles, a publisher is allowed to open a free publishing account, allowed to write unlimited numbers of articles for submission. And this is where the massive traffic comes from. How, you must be wondering. Keep reading.

Lets take an example of an affiliate promoting a weight loss product on clickbank. Instead of going through the stress and financial rigours of adwords, he decides to use the free and effective power of Ezines. He proceeds by properly viewing the sales page of the product he is promoting and comes up with an idea of writing just ten articles about the product. After a period, he completes the articles and submits them to Ezinearticles only. Within five days of submission to just one E-zine (ezinearticles) he has made five sales. You wonder how? Its simple. Its the POWER OF E-ZINES. Let me break it down for you. Once this young guy submits these ten well written articles about the weight loss product he is promoting, Ezinearticles puts his articles in-front of a large expanse of viewers seeking solution to their weight problem. This is called targeted traffic. Your article is right in-front of people looking for your product. Before the day runs out just one of the articles had about forty views. Do the mathematics yourself and you will see. If one of the articles had over forty views and this affiliate took the time to write ten good article if multiplied, then his ten articles must have been viewed four hundred times. No wonder the guy made five sales within five days.

This is just the power of e-zines. If this guy has used just one E-zine website and made five sales in five days, what do you think will happen if this guy submits all his articles to a vast array of E-zines in an E-zine directory.Simple, unlimited sales and you know what that means? Unlimited cash in your bank account. With the vast array of E-zines i will be revealing to you in my E-zine directory, you will not only make five sales in five days with just an E-zine website, you will be on your way to making unlimited sales, neither will you have problem of traffic any longer. All you need to do is write good articles about your product or niche and make submissions to all the E-zine websites in my E-zine directory (following a detailed process) and sit and watch sales roll in. Have you seen ” MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INTERNET INCOME” by Robert G Allen? If yes then you must know the power in my directory of Ezines because even Robert himself knows it. You do not want to miss this opportunity to get your website/ article in-front of unlimited targeted traffic via the power of E-zines. My directory of E-zines will give to you in details”

1: Comprehensive list of E-zine websites that put your articles in front of targeted traffic for maximum response and sales.
2: How to get your article well written to avoid been banned or suspended from these E-zine websites.

3: How to get attention of your targeted traffic with your article. And many more.

Getting traffic to a website/blog should no longer be a problem if you have truly read and understood this article. All you need to do is become a member of the directory of E-zines, write artilces on your niche, submit them accordingly and watch sales boom. For info on how to become a member, go to my Authors profile for the link. Happy money making.

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