How To Increase Membership Sales With Proven Marketing And Sales Strategies

by Blog Website for Sale on June 18, 2010

Starting a membership website is one of the most powerful and stable ways to earn consistently on the Internet. People are willing to pay for access to valuable information, products and services; and you can successfully take advantage of this. You just need to be skillful and creative enough to make your business venture stand out from the rest.

This article discusses some useful ideas that could help you increase your membership sales and retain more members to your membership website.

Membership Site Marketing And Promotion

No matter how great or valuable your content is, it will not make you any money unless you make people aware of its existence. The good news is that the Internet offers excellent marketing opportunities… even if you don’t have much to invest yet in your advertising campaign. Here are some ideas:

1) Optimize your membership website for targeted keywords, so interested people could find it in the search engines easily. Search for “search engine optimization” or SEO in Google to learn some tips and tactics about how to get your site ranked highly for your keywords. 

2) Create a separate website designed for the purpose of promoting a paid membership one. This could be a squeeze page that can offer a small part of your content to give a taste of what your paid service is like. It is also useful in link building to your paid membership site.

3) Having your own affiliate program is a powerful way to leverage from other people’s assets. You can have other marketers promote your membership site through their own websites, and they will have an incentive to do a good job as you are going to share part of the profit with them.

You can provide incentives – such as discounts or bonuses – for your existing customers to promote your website by bringing in new members. But the better option is to make every one of your members your affiliates. Provide them with all the necessary affiliate tools and training materials (video works best) to help them earn affiliate commissions.

4) Some free marketing strategies may work as effectively as – or even better than – any paid method. You can include links to your website through a forum sig line or blog comment (but make sure you follow the rules and do it subtly). Informative articles posted on the pages of high-PR article directories could reach a large number of people and create better awareness of your site.

It’s best to diversify your marketing as much as possible to attract more paying members. Make sure you attractively and informatively describe the features, benefits and advantages of your services in your site and advertisement messages. You could choose to outsource this part of the marketing and have a professional copywriter do the work for you.

Sales Strategies To Increase Membership Sales

Your sales strategy is vital when you are aiming to increase the income from your membership website.

1) Free trials are being used by many marketers, simply because they reduce skepticism and get more orders. Make your offer appealing and irresistible, highlighting the benefits of your full membership.

2) Offer more member categories with different levels of access for the various types of content you have to offer. You can offer discounts for existing members to sign up to an upper category. Diversify your promotional offers by providing an automatic sign up to a higher level of access to new members only for a limited time period.

3) Encourage prospects to make full payment for one year, or even a lifetime membership, by offering discounts or other incentives. This helps in reducing the cancellation rate.

4) Provide high quality and innovative services, and always have a support desk available to attend to their needs.

5) Use the power of Web 2.0 and networking. Send Twitter alerts about upcoming posting of valuable content, exclusive news, promotional offers and all other things that can be applicable to your particular service. Provide your members with networking opportunities by adding a forum on your website.

6) Show your customers as much personal attention and care as possible. Sending greeting cards on holidays, for example, can be done cheaply and quickly.

The best thing about adopting any of these strategies is that they will not only make your membership website more attractive, but will also allow you to charge more in the form of subscription fees.

You could multiply your membership website income as long as you dedicate sufficient time and attention in carrying out the methods described above. Wishing you more membership site profits!

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