Importance of Back Links to a Website and How to Obtain Them

by Blog Website for Sale on May 31, 2010

Back Links or otherwise known as Inbound Links are links pointing to your website from another website. The number of such back links that point towards your website indicates the importance and the popularity of your website to the search engines.

It is not just the number of back links that matter to the search engines; it is the number of links from quality high page rank websites that the search engines are interested in. Furthermore the content or theme of the website has to be relevant to that of your website.

For instance, if you have a website about home based business, you might not want to obtain a link from a website about Cocoa Cultivation. Your link will not be helpful or relevant to the visitor of the Cocoa Cultivation website, and hence search engines will consider this linking as non-relevant.

For search engine optimization, obtaining quality, relevant back links should be your most important priority. It is these inbound links that will play a significant role in increasing the visibility of your website, increasing your link popularity and your page rank. The ultimate benefit being increased traffic and increases sales.
Search engines use the number of inbound links that a website has as one of the important factors for determining the website’s search engine ranking.

If you have unique and high quality content in your site other websites will link to your site with the idea of providing their website visitors a good website experience. This will give you useful inbound links and valuable targeted traffic.

Having Anchor Texts in your back links with your keywords in the text link will give the search engines a good indication what your website is all about thus creating opportunities for increased traffic to your website.

The back links play such a major role, that in some instances the very survival of the business is totally dependent on the amount sales generated through the targeted traffic thus generated.

When Webmasters began to realize the importance and the significance of these links the natural tendency for them is to get as many relevant inbound links as possible. There are several methods that are used by webmasters to obtain these links.

Writing quality articles displaying your expertise and submitting these to article directories, article banks and article distributors with your website URL in the resource box. This can create a viral effect with webmasters picking up these articles and publishing them thus producing hundreds of back links.

Submitting your website to high page rank quality directories and to specialized directories related to the theme of your website.

Participating in Forums and posting comments in Blogs with your website URL in the signatures.

Writing reviews of products that allow you to post your URL along with the reviews.

Submitting articles to Social Bookmarking Sites. Most of these sites have a high page rank and are a valuable source for inbound links and traffic.

The importance of back links should now be very obvious. In addition to helping the websites to rank high in the search engines for the designated keywords, increase page rank and link popularity they can generate a huge amount of targeted traffic for the success of your business.


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