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by Blog Website for Sale on May 8, 2010

When you are trying to get more traffic to your website, (and thereby trying to increase website sales) setting up a free autoresponder course has many definite advantages.  People love receiving things for free and will flock to your website to take advantage of a free learning experience.  Offering your e-course for free will also prompt people to recommend your website to their friends.

Not only will people visit your website to sign up for the course, but you will be able to increase your mailing list. Having a large mailing list is huge in the website marketing industry.  A mailing list allows you to send details of the product or service you are offering to people who are interested in your niche. Haven’t they already indicated their interest by signing up for your course?  Therefore they are ripe for the buying. One hint – make sure the course you offer is in line with what your website and services are all about.  For instance, if you are selling fishing equipment, offer a course in ‘How to Catch that Elusive Bass’ or ‘How to Make Your Own Fishing Lures’. 

Another advantage for setting up an e-course is that you appear to be an expert on your subject or niche.  People will feel that if you have enough knowledge to set up a course on the subject, you are an expert.  And when they feel that way, they trust you more.  They will be more apt to listen to your ‘pitch’ and take advantage of the offer you present for your products and services.

You can find free autoresponders that you can use to deliver your e-course easily over the internet.  All you have to do is to type in ‘free autoresponders’ in any search engine and you are sure to receive a list where you can find one to suit you.  You can also pay for an autoresponder that may have more features than a free one, if you choose. 

Setting up an e-course does not have to be a difficult thing.  Basically what you need to do is get a group of articles together that provide useful information.  With an autoresponder, you can send out the articles separately over a set period of time that you select, say one every other day or one every week.  You can limit the amount of articles or just run an on-going lesson campaign, which allows you to expose your offer to a potential customer each time you send out a new lesson.  The basic minimum for an e-course would probably be about five articles.

If you are not an expert writer or don’t feel you have the time or ability to create an e-course, one way to go would be to buy PLR packages of articles on one subject and string them together to form an e-course.  You can a sentence here or there to add information you feel may be new or relevant, so that the articles are not just rehashed material that is found all over the web.

You can also hire a writer to put a course together for you.  The cost you pay for the writing will be brought  back to you ten-fold by the business you receive from customers signing up for your free e-course.

As mentioned, offering a free autoresponder e-course will bring lots of new traffic to your website.  People will sign up for your course and you have the opportunity with each new lesson they receive to turn them into paying customers. 



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