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by Blog Website for Sale on May 22, 2010

When many people first get involved in affiliate internet marketing they tend to focus their efforts on keywords and search engine optimization. While these are unquestionably important, they should also recognize the importance of writing top sales copy.

While the internet incorporates all sorts of different media, like pictures, video, and audio, by far the most important is the written word. An introductory video may be helpful to a product pitch, but if the words around it that support the arguments made in the video are weak, then you won’t get a sale.

If you can write good sales copy, then you may not even need the video, audio, etc. that a lot of others are using, because compelling words are worth their weight in gold.

The process of learning to write sales copy isn’t extraordinarily fun. It takes some work and it takes perseverance, and there are no fancy computer programs that can generate text content that is as good as the words written by an actual person. Every aspect of your business is influenced by sales copy, and learning how to write it effectively and well in the early stages will save time in the long run.

Let’s go through a basic marketing strategy and see how important sales copy is.

First, your website: this is one giant piece of sales copy, and if it is not convincing, then peole will not buy the product you are marketing. How about content posts you put up on Web 2.0 sites to generate targeted traffic to your website? Again, sales copy.

If these posts are not compelling and informative, then people will click away from them long before they get to your link at the bottom. Emails that you send out to your customer list when promoting a new product? You guessed it, that’s sales copy as well.

If your customers read your first email or two and realize that it doesn’t provide any value and it doesn’t compel them to learn more about your product, then they will either unsubscribe to the list or simply hit the delete button every time they see your name as the sender.

How can you learn how to write sales copy? Fortunately, there are many internet resources to help you do just that. Simply do a web search and go through the results and you will find helpful sources.

As well, why not check the websites of successful internet markets to see what the experts are doing. Look at their sales copy and analyze it. This is a great way to grow your skills.

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