Sales Copy + Product Creation + Traffic= Success

by Blog Website for Sale on July 14, 2010

Making money on the internet selling your own product requires three things: a good quality product that delivers everything you promise, excellent sales copy that can convert browsers to buyers and website traffic so that potential purchasers can actually read your sales copy.

Before you can sell a product, you have to create it. The first step to creating a product is conducting research into market needs and trends. What problems do people need solved? What knowledge do you have that you can share and people can benefit from? Can you ride a current trend with a complementary product? Forums are good places to get a sense of people’s needs and the sort of products they may be looking for. If you have a website, you can ask people to fill in a survey or you can ask current customers or subscribers what products or services they would prefer to see. Information products are probably the easiest and least expensive products to create. You can use a ghostwriter to write an e-book for you and you can start your own affiliate program to get other people to sell it for you.

Once you have created your product, you need to have an attention grabbing sales page that convinces visitors to buy your product. There is a real art to writing good sales copy. You need to write an attention grabbing headline, preferably in bold, large, red letters. After you have attracted the reader’s attention, the copy needs to be interesting enough to keep it. The best way to keep their attention, is to identify a problem they can relate to or an issue of concern and then tell them how you can help them improve their circumstances. If you keep the focus on the reader and what you can do for them, you will maintain their interest.

Just grabbing the reader’s attention and keeping their interest isn’t enough to get the sale. You have to ignite a desire for your product. In other words, you have to succeed in creating a belief that the visitor needs your product to improve their life in some way. Desire must then be converted to action. Your sales copy must move the reader to take action, whether to buy, subscribe or contact.

Now that you have your product and your brilliant sales copy, you must successfully drive traffic to your sales page to increase your product’s sales. The most obvious and necessary strategy is to make sure you are listed with search engines and directories then make sure your website content is keyword rich for SEO. The next step, is to create back links to the sales page and the website as a whole. Do not purchase back links from article farms or other third parties. Links to your website need to be natural, otherwise you risk being penalized by search engines. One of the best ways to create natural links to your sales page is to use article marketing. The article can pre-sell your product, service or yourself and encourage readers to click on the link to your website or sales page. This will drive traffic to your website by encouraging direct visits and increasing your link popularity with the search engines. Forum posting and blogs are also excellent ways to direct traffic to your site, as is purchasing pay-per-click advertising from search engines such as Google. A combination of these strategies is recommended to increase website traffic and therefore sales.

Product creation, sales and website traffic are all necessary for online selling success. Done right they are a winning combination guaranteeing high sales and financial success.

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