Selling your Website Carefully

by Blog Website for Sale on May 24, 2010

Have you made a website that makes money but lost the motivation to keep it going? You have the ability to recoup any money invested into it and sell it on to someone that has the time to maximize the potential of it. Many people sell their websites when they become popular and successful to get a lump sum, the general rule is that you can sell your website for at least 12 months revenue. This means if you have a site making $1,000 a month you would be looking to get at least $12,000 for it, you would be likely to get even more for it as you can compensate for money invested into it and the amount of effort it took to get it up and running.

Be sure to have some form of recording the statistics of your website and keep them safe, when it comes to selling it people will want to see proof of what you’re claiming. It will also boost your sales pitch if you can provide photographic evidence of your websites statistics as many people try scam people selling them useless websites.

There are many websites and forums that you can advertise your website in order to attract genuine buyers. Some can provide you with free listings where as some charge a small fee to advertise your website for sale. Don’t always assume that the free option is best, these types of sites can often attract people who just want to see your statistics and ask questions how you got it successful etc. They have no intention of buying your website! At least if you pay for a premium listing you would be able to get the right people who are genuinely interested in buying your website for a fair price.

Don’t let them pressure you into selling for a lower amount, if they believe the price you want is too high tell them not to buy it. They don’t know how much effort or money you have invested into making it successful so can be the judge of how much you should sell it for. On the other hand don’t try to say you have spent hundreds of dollars when you have not invested anything into it, this will show in your statistics and you will get a name for yourself as trying to scam people.

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