Use Forums to Increase Traffic and Sales

by Blog Website for Sale on May 6, 2010

Use Forums to Increase Traffic and Sales

There are many ways to promote your online business. To be successful, you should use a number of different methods in your promotional efforts. Forums are one of the lesser-known marketing techniques that can be very productive.

Many people start out by adding useless posts containing nothing but self-promotional material. Do not fall into that trap. People will steer clear of you, your postings, and your website. In addition, constant self-promotion could get you banned from the forum.

To benefit from forums, you need to give as well as take. Answer questions in your area of expertise. Provide useful information. By doing this, people will see you as an expert in your field. As people read your posts and see that you are very knowledgeable, you will begin to see more and more forum members clicking on your links and visiting your site.

To increase sales or traffic, join as many forums as possible. Make time to read and answer posts. Look for questions or problems that are related to your field of expertise. Everyone is looking for help on certain topics. By helping others, you will actually be helping yourself. Following are a number of techniques to increase your traffic and sales using forums:

Develop a signature (sig) file that includes the URL of your website or sales page. Each time you enter a post to ask or answer a question, include your sig file.

Forums are filled with people who are promoting products. Look through the various posts to find products to purchase, or better yet, get for free.

Forums are an excellent place to find a profitable niche for new product ideas. Examine post topics that have numerous questions. Typically, these are topics that people are interested in. Take note of the types of questions asked and the number of people asking similar questions. This can alert you to the need for a particular product. Make sure to go through these posts thoroughly. If the topic is filled with people answering a question, it is not a candidate for an ebook. If the topic consists primarily of questions, you may have found a profitable niche.

Get others to evaluate your website or sales page. Many forums provide areas where you can ask participants to review your site. This is an excellent technique that can improve your sales dramatically.

I check my traffic regularly and I see consistent traffic to my sites from forums that I post to. Making frequent posts is a great method to improve traffic.

Forums provide a very good source to get information on a product, service, or company before you make a purchase. People are more than happy to give you their opinion on products or companies that they are familiar with.

Forums can be very beneficial to the experienced marketer as well as the newbie. The most beneficial forums are those related to your site or niche. Seek out those related forums and you will surely see increased traffic and sales.

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