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by Blog Website for Sale on May 16, 2010

Website owners who understand some website marketing know that a successful website has a lot of visitors that are converted into purchasers. However, here are some ideas to give your sales a boost without the need to get more visitors. Work in these website marketing tips into your website and see greater income rewards.

1. Be a Friend.

Speak to the visitor directly in your targeted sales web page, not to your whole audience. Nobody wants to be sold to by a total stranger so be friendly in your website marketing sales text. If a friend recommends something to you, you are more likely to buy it – and the same holds true for your visitors. If your audience feels you are a friend with their well-being in mind, they will be more likely to buy from you.

2. Give Bonuses.

Bonuses that complement and enhance your product make your visitors feel you are giving them a good deal, one they would be foolish to miss out on. Make sure when promoting your bonuses that you list their prices so that your visitors are even more compelled to take advantage of your great value-added bargain.

3. Be Visual.

Another website marketing 101 tip is to use visual media. Show the issues your visitors may have and solutions that your product offers. Most people will not actually read your copy from top to bottom, but instead pay attention to the graphics on your website – especially moving images. Add an image of a person’s face and attention goes up even higher.

4. Testimonials and Comments.

Publish both good and bad comments together – by doing so your reviews or testimonials will appear more real. It boosts visitor confidence when they see reviews, making it more likely that they will buy from you. Why? Because human beings naturally like to follow. If your product has been bought and used by others and you can show that what you are selling is not a scam or over-priced, your visitors are more likely to jump on the bandwagon and buy too.

5. State the Action Required.

You spent a lot of time writing content and laying out your web page but don’t forget the most important element – ask for the sale! Many web sites lead their visitors and captivate them with the benefits of their products, display stories of issues that were overcome with them, even throwing in substantial bonuses, but forget to ask for the sale! Supply clear directions for the buyer of your product so they know what do do next – instruct them to, “Press the button to BUY NOW!”)

Start using these five simple to implement website marketing tips immediately and you will be able to increase your web sales over and over again.

Fran Jeanes is an internet consultant for who writes about internet marketing for the small business web design company based in Davidson, North Carolina.

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