Website Styles :series – Niche Blogging ? Website Type Two

by Blog Website for Sale on April 27, 2010

Pure blogging was the subject of my previous website type and this time I am going to cover niche blogging. Niche blogging differs from an ordinary niche website as a normal niche website is really a mini site aimed at a particular niche, while niche blogging is constantly updated and kept fresh.

The biggest difference between pure blogging and niche blogging is the frequency of the posts and the addition of new pages. When you are working to keep a niche blog fresh it is more the fact that you always want the most current affiliate product or CPA offers to be the most prominent on your blog at any given time.

Generally any post or page written will be very heavily keyword orientated as to bring you targeted visitors for that exact product. Whenever you are promoting a new affiliate product you would know which way to market to that exact segment of your niche and do all your posts and promotions accordingly. You would have things like press releases working with carefully timed article releases to gain the maximum amount of exposure for a launch or new product.

Equally if you are producing your own reports for sale or writing e books for your niche you would still use the same tactics to get your visitors pouring onto your blog or website.

This form of blogging still needs a blog format like wordpress as you would be doing changes to your website or blog on a regular basis. These changes would differ slightly depending on your promoted product be it CPA, affiliate products or your own products. Either way you would have a structured plan in the exposure of the information to your visitors and be using a variety of different marketing tactics to drive your business.

Naturally this form of blogging is very orientated to a constant and active form of internet marketing and you would need to stay current in all the different tactics available to you in the internet world. You would be using all the resources of the system with things like forum marketing, social web 2.0 tactics and naturally using an email auto responder list system. This auto responder system is vital to a lot of the internet marketing methods out there but in some cases it becomes the lifeblood of your blogging system.

What I want to remind you about here is that this is not a mini site where you set up a carefully planned website to keep a flow of organically driven traffic to, this site is added to and worked on almost daily and generally becomes a large website and popular over time. The niche that you choose to operate in here makes a difference and I suggest that you choose one of the bigger or more popular niches to market to and if you are going to be an active player you would soon build up a large e mail list and find that you are earning very big numbers if you keep the blog pumping with new and exciting stock or content.

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