Websites For Sale – How To Buy A Website And Flip It For More Money

by Blog Website for Sale on April 28, 2010

If your looking for websites for sale there are a number of factors you should look for, as you want to get the most from your investment if you want to sell your website in the future.

If your looking to buy an established website that is making money then i would recommend you look for the following from the seller:

How long the website has been established How many unique visitors are received every month How many page views are received every month What is the current bounce rate How long does an average viewer stay on the website What is the page rank What keywords are targeted via search engine queries How many backlinks the site has How much revenue the site makes How long the website has been making the claimed income Does the website have any email subscribers or members How much time is needed to run the website

Sometimes you can buy a website that needs abit of work or ways you can improve the website and then resell on in a few months for alot more money.  For example if you bought a website that was getting good monthly traffic but the income wasn’t much.  You could add functions to the website for example:

A members area (paid subscription to useful information related to the niche) Adding a forum to help build a community Add an email subscriber to build an email list

If you can build up an email list, such as using aweber each email address you have is valued at $1 a month.  So imagine if you managed to get 1,000 email subscribers via an opt-in form on your website, your website would be valued at $1,000 a month just from your email subscribers, now add in a product/service to sell on the website and your now increasing the value of your website.  Several months down the line you can then flip the website for more money.

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